Employers must comply with federal and state requirements concerning safety and rights that fall under the Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the New Mexico Human Rights Act enforced by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions.


Under OSHA law, employers must provide a safe workplace. This requirement includes posting an OSHA poster.


Select the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR – EMPLOYER RESPONSIBILITIES link to learn more about safety requirements.  Select the OSHA’S FREE WORKPLACE POSTER link to download the required poster. New Mexico Department of the Environment enforces the New Mexico OSHA requirements, including making worksite inspections after a complaint. To learn more about their work, select the NEW MEXICO OSHA link.


Under the ADA, employers may not discriminate against people with disabilities in recruitment, retention, and promotion; and must provide an accessible environment. To learn more about these requirements, select THE ADA: YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AS AN EMPLOYER link and the REACHING OUT TO CUSTOMERS WITH DISABILITIES link.


If you fall under the jurisdiction of the New Mexico Human Rights Act, it is your responsibility to learn and meet the compliance requirements.  Select the NEW MEXICO HUMAN RIGHTS ACT – INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYERS link, for employers’ information on compliance provided by the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions.