About the NM Business Portal (NMBP)

The NM Business Portal provides important business planning, initiation, and licensing information for business owners in the State of New Mexico. This web portal was created for individuals seeking to start their own businesses as well as those looking to expand their business in New Mexico.


This first version of the NM Business Portal is strictly designed as a static web portal. The web portal is structured to guide an individual to the various state agency websites where a business owner is able to actually register a business, apply for permits, pay taxes, etc. or a prospective business owner can gain knowledge on what it would take to start a business.


This web portal attempts to bridge information contained across multiple government agencies with a one-stop access. Use the CONTACT US / FEEDBACK feature if you have questions or comments regarding any agency or relevant issues.


Origins & Responsibility

In 2014, the Governor of New Mexico signed into law the One-Stop Business Portal Act (New Mexico Laws of 2014 / Senate Bill 9). This act mandated that the New Mexico’s Department of Information Technology create a user-friendly website that offers a one-stop web portal where business representatives can access information, such as taxation and regulation requirements, and perform functions required to do business in the State of New Mexico. The web portal went live on June 30, 2017 and is managed by the New Mexico Department of Information Technology.


The NM Business Portal is a collaborative effort of the following State of New Mexico Agencies:


Department of Information Technology,

Department of Workforce Solutions,

Economic Development Department,

Environment Department,

General Services - State Purchasing Division,

Human Services Department,

Regulation and Licensing Department,

Secretary of State,

Taxation and Revenue Department, and

Workers’ Compensation.


Intended Users

Users of the NM Business Portal can be any new business, entrepreneur, start-up, or those in the thinking / planning stages of a business. They can use this site to access important information about anything to do with starting a new business in the State of New Mexico. The portal can also help existing businesses renew licenses, open new locations, or expand operations in the State of New Mexico.



This site does not provide legal or professional advice. Please consult with an attorney, accountant, tax professional, and/or other qualified professionals for legal or professional advice.



Please use the “CONTACT US / FEEDBACK” feature if you would like more information or have suggestions for improving this portal.