When there is a change to a business name, address, or agent/qualifying party, a business owner must change their business records in several agencies. Some changes can be made online; others require a form to be downloaded, completed, and mailed or delivered to the relevant agency.  


When you change your business's name, address, registered agent, qualifying party, licensee in charge, or other legal representative; you must update your business registration with the NEW MEXICO SECRETARY OF STATE (select link), your tax record with the NEW MEXICO TAXATION AND REVENUE (select link), and your unemployment insurance account with NEW MEXICO DEPARTMENT OF WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS (select link).


If you have a license or permit from the NEW MEXICO REGULATION AND LICENSING DEPARTMENT (select link) or NEW MEXICO ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT (select link), you must update their records.


Finally, you also need to update the records of your business at your business's COUNTY AND/OR MUNICIPALITY (select link).