Spend time and care when choosing a business name. Business names should look good, evoke positive feelings, and be unique.


For more information on a Business Name select the STARTING A BUSINESS link to access the New Mexico Economic Development Department. The link will take you to the Business Resources Center.  Scroll down the page and select the Structuring a Business link. Scroll down to Business Name.


For additional information on a Business Name, select the CHOOSE YOUR BUSINESS NAME link, which will take you to the U.S. Small Business Administration web page.


Select the SEARCH TRADEMARKS AND SERVICE MARKS link and the SEARCH BUSINESS NAMES link to check whether your proposed business name is registered as a trademark and/or claimed at New Mexico Secretary of State. The State of New Mexico Statutes states that a Partnership, Corporation, or Limited Liability Company name should not be "the same as, or confusingly similar to" the name of another business. If a business is designated dissolved, withdrawn, or revoked final, the name is available. If the business is marked new corporations or active, suspended, tax clearance, or intent to dissolve, the name is unavailable.


To search the U.S. Trademark database, click the SEARCH NATIONAL TRADEMARK DATABASE link.