As a business owner, you need to obtain insurance. The STARTING AND MANAGING-BUSINESS INSURANCE link will take you to information about general business insurance to consider.


All businesses with employees must create an account in the Unemployment Insurance Program. The UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE REGISTRATION link will take you to the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions web page to access the Unemployment Insurance Tax and Claims system. This system is available Sunday through Friday 4:00 am till 9:00 pm.


All businesses that fall under the requirements of the Workers' Compensation Act (WCA) must obtain workers' compensation insurance. Workers' compensation is a no‐fault system that provides medical and indemnity benefits to injured workers at a reasonable cost to employers. Employers obtain coverage through licensed insurance agencies. Employers must pay a quarterly assessment fee and display the WCA poster and forms. Larger employers must conduct an annual safety inspection. Select the WORKERS' COMPENSATION BROCHURE link for contact information.


To learn more about the workers' compensation system, select the WORKERS' COMPENSATION EMPLOYER GUIDEBOOK link and review the Employer Guidebook. For specific workers' compensation questions, select on the CONTACT US link on the top menu on this web page. Select “Getting coverage for workers’ compensation” from the “What does your question involve?” drop down.