New Mexico requires that several types of businesses obtain licenses. It also requires that practitioners of several professions obtain licenses (Boards and Commissions governs this area).


If a business serves alcohol, it must obtain an additional license. Select the LIQUOR LICENSES link for more information and instructions.


In New Mexico, practitioners of many professions must obtain special licenses before they are allowed to practice their profession. Often a practitioner must complete educational programs and pass required testing before he or she can obtain a license. Select the PROFESSIONAL LICENSES/CERTIFICATION/REGISTRATION link for more information and instructions.


If you start a construction business, you must first hold the required credentials or employ a qualifying party. Select the CONSTRUCTION LICENSES link for more information and instructions.


If your business involves an activity regulated by the Department of the Environment, you often must obtain a permit. Generally, you must contact an individual at the Department of the Environment to obtain these permits. Select the ENVIRONMENTAL LICENSES/PERMITS link for more information, instructions and a link to phone numbers.


New Mexico requires that certain financial professionals maintain professional licenses. Select the FINANCIAL INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS link for more information and instructions.


For additional questions, contact the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department at (505) 476-4500.