To conduct business in New Mexico, a business owner must register the structure of the business with the New Mexico Secretary of State. This requirement applies if you form a Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Corporation or S-Corporation. The process of registering a Corporation or an S-Corporation with the New Mexico Secretary of State is the same. If you form a Sole Proprietorship or a General Partnership, you do NOT have to register.


If you have not researched the different business structures, do not register until you have consulted a business professional and/or read the information related to planning. Select PLAN at the top menu of this web page.


The process of registering your business structure varies depending on the type of business you are forming: Limited Liability Company, Corporation, or Partnership. You can register a Limited Liability Company type of business online. To register a Corporation or a Partnership, you must print and complete the appropriate form and mail in the form with the required fee. Select the appropriate link on this page for specific information on registering each business structure. 


The NM Business Portal addresses for-profit businesses. Steps for non-profit business are not covered. For information on starting a non-profit organization, select the DOMESTIC NON-PROFIT INCORPORATION link.